Pachube / cosm totals?

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Hi everyone. I'm new here, this is my first post!

I recently purchased 2 Hahs on eBay and have been experimenting with them over the last couple of weeks. 

Ive had a few issues uploading data from my currentcost reliably, but I'm thinking more and more this is an ISP Issue (BT) .


I have a question about pachube / cosm, is there a simple way to get a total for a feed for a day? I'm uploading PV generation data to feed 7216, and would like to be able to get the total for the day. ( is also collecting it) also, I'm thinking of giving one of the Hahs to a relation to they can see their consumption data, but they will want to know the total for a day...

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I thought I replied to this

I thought I replied to this yesterday but can't see it, so here goes again....


Maybe this is what you are looking for

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There is an easier way

sign up to pvoutput it has a way to input directly from pachube (cosm) so use HAH to upload to pachube and pvoutput grabs this data.


my feed here :-

and if you click on live you will see my consumtion and generation etc...

bit faffy to set up but once done it works well.


Sorry just re-read your post and you are uploading to pv output so the totals are listed at the bottom are they not?



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OK, let me clarify... I already upload to PVOutput. Here is my feed :


The thing is, I've seen some odd things between COSM and PVOutput happening, and the long and the short of it is I don't trust COSM at all now. I wondered if there was an app / piece of code / API call I could put to COSM and get back a total for a day or period. This would make it easier to cross check COSM/PVOutput with my manual day to day excel records from reading my generation meter. (Yes I'm that sad, I take a reading *almost* every day...!)

For instance.. Yesterday I checked PVOutput at 20.30, it reported I had generated just over 18kWh. OK, my meter says 18.2, but there is a hole in the data in the morning. (perhaps a few values were missed, or the envi 'lost' the optismart for a few mins). But, then I come back just before 22.00. The total has now jumped up to 19.9kWhs! and, a the morning data looks like it has been modified? Very odd.

I need to have a look in COSM at the feed values and see if I can see what is going on. The problem is the API is pretty limited. I dont think I cant put an http call to a feed ID and get a total for the day? I have to download the whole dataset for the day (which you cant do in one go?) and then add it all up?

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Have a read of this :

I think you'll find it covers what you need.  It uses the Cosm API, so you'll need to use your username/password to get the graph, but it works well. 


Here's an example that gets the last 2 hours from my feed



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