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This is a script for automatically uploading live data to PVoutput.org for people who use a Current Cost meter for monitoring and recording output from Solar PV systems. It is formatted as a plugboard applet and should be loaded into /etc/plugboard. It also requires a file called CumulativeKwH to be present in the same directory which should contain this single digit 0 (zero) on startup. This file is automatically zeroed again each evening to start the following day with a zero accumulated production figure.


In my experience the CC meters tend to overread the PV output quite significantly at very low output levels so there is a built in reducing factor to account for this. You may need to adjust some of the figures to make your output accurate. It should be fairly clear from the script what is happening.

I've been running the script for a couple of weeks now and it seems fairly stable another member has also had a similar experience.

Hope someone finds it useful.

Incidentally Opera seems unable to upload files to this site but have finally managed to upload the script using Firefox.

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Bloody marvalous.

Spot on exactly what i wanted and required after much head scratching i figured out why it wasnt up loading to pvoutput or registering anything on file...


I was trying to set it up at 10pm when it's dark-solar does not work or generate when its dark.


echo 0 >/etc/plugboard/CumulativeKwH 

  creates the reqd "data" file



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When Xively dies

I might end up having to use this again to get my solar output to pvoutput.org.

The powersave function could be tidied up by using:

       file = io.open("/etc/plugboard/CumulativeKwH","w+")

instead of:

    local cmd = string.format("echo '%s'>/etc/plugboard/CumulativeKwH", CumulativeKwH)

I guess other stuff will get broken too when xively dies :-(

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