Orange box to HAH in 2 hours (but that's just the start)

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I can't remember how I found out about these boxes. I was probably looking for the CC bridge but I'm glad I did.

Box arrived on Wednesday (well I had to pick it up from local parcel depot) and the missus became a HAH widow :)

Followed the instructions as best I could as I'm on a mac. I did boot into bootcamp to do the initial 'repair' but all the other work was carried out on the mac with terminal and Filezilla.

I must do  a write up for anyone else going down that route.

I now have 11 feeds to pachube (cosm), internal relay/RF board on order and a roomnode from JeeLAbs on it's way too.


Just one question... To use a roomnode, do I need 2 nodes (one for base and one remote) or will a roomnode work with the internal RF module? I couldn't quite figure that out from the descriptions.

If I need 2 then I presume I can add a USB hub so I can use the base unit and still use the Current Cost


Thanks for yet another ongoing project to add to my php/mysql work, mac app writing etc etc etc

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You will need a minimum of

You will need a minimum of TWO jeeNodes, one is tethered to the LIVEBOX and acts as the RF/Serial gateway (HAHcentral). The others will be scattered about your environment acting as remote nodes.  The Jeenodes operate at 868Mhz Rx/Tx.  The RF unit on the Livebox added hardware is 433Mhz and Tx only.

Glad you are enjoying hacking about.  A write up using a MacOS and how to get it up and running would be interesting.


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Just add a USB hub

If you want to connect more than one USB device, stick in a hub. Many types of USB hub are recognised by the HAH.

You might want to have a powered hub to save overloading the power supply on the HAH.

As Brett says, the 433MHz on the HAH PCB is Tx only. However, there is an option to add Rx for specific protocols.

Thanks for the feedback.


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So there I was, plodding

So there I was, plodding along with some web work (and I do mean work, not browsing) when the post man came with a big bag of bits :)

How long will I resist the urge to fire up the soldering station?

Oh and I picked some HE330s from B&Q too

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How time flies

Almost two years on and still having endless fun with this...

New house since then but as all the kit is portable it all came with me. Now also on the Beaglebone (and others with the Pi)

Keep up the good work, one and all :)

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