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This is a kit of parts for a unit that will decode the HomeEasy RF protocol. 

Kit includes:

- a microcontroller board (with pre-programmed micro)

- an RF Receiver module

- wiring to connect the RF Receiver module to the microcontroller board

- an antenna connector for the RF module

- an external magmount 433MHz antenna

See here http://www.dbzoo.com/livebox/xap_serial#home_easy_receiver for details of the HE parts that it works with. Note that this kit is also available in a BBSB variant - leave a note at the checkout if you would like the BBSB version.

You need to supply an unregulated (9-12Volt) DC adaptor. The serial output is exposed on a DB9 female connector. If you want to hook this up to a HAH, a  DB9 to USB adaptor http://www.homeautomationhub.com/content/usb-serial-adaptor is the thing to use.

Price: £35.00
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