Nanode as a BscEndpoint controller

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Just teasing you - I've finished prototyping some code on the Nanode gateway, that will make it act as a fully BSC compliant endpoint controller for remote JeeNodes/HAHnodes.

A screenshot

Nanode as a BSC controller

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Great find and work Brett

Great find and work Brett Very interested... i know you cant have the moon on a stick but a wifi version would be most useful for us who dont have ethernet around the home

lets hope theres a market for it



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Nanode as an endpoint instead of wireless jeenode

Hi brett!

I am very interested in your prototyping about the nanode as a wired endpoint for temp and relay functions.

As in my cellar sending and receiving the wireless signal is sometimes a problem, i would like to use wired endpoints to control my boiler, pool etc.

Could you give some additional information including code to me, how you manage to use jeenode functionalities like measuring temp and setting relays (outputnode) via wired nanodes rather than wireless jeenodes?

Thank you very much for your advice,


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Markus,The magic is really in


The magic is really in the xAP CPP libraries that have already been posted. You don't so much as make a wire jeenode as to instead create a standalone BSC endpoint.   For example I use an Arduino with a enc28j60 network block to run a ethernet enabled device out in my shed.  It reports Humity, Temp inside, and Outside the shed, pressure and Light reading every couple of minute - its covered in spider webs but its still huming along.  SRC: I don't have any photos of this little custom unit. is another example of what I'm talking about where instead of using a Arduino DUO we built a custom PCB to make wiring easy.   See the ENC28J60 network adapter in that picture?  As well as driving the two relays it could equally run 1-wire or I2C bus I believe we exposed those pins. Get it from the shop!  ref:

Check out the libraries/xAP which provide BSC functionality for use on a micro - these are the key the building your own xAP hardware.


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