EtherRelay boards

Ether Relay - main board
Wiring closeupWiring to the RJ45

The Livebox unit + the HAH addon board is a fine way to deliver a number of 'remote control' capabilities. However, if you just need a small/very low power unit that will connect directly to a CAT5 feed and drive a couple of relays ... the Dbzoo EtherRelay unit is the thing.

We do like to drive down cost - this is possibly the cheapest, ethernet connected, relay controller out there. As if that wasn't good enough, the source code is 'open' and, if you are looking to control via xAP .. it's a 'ZERO config' option.

Supplied pre-built & tested. Delivered as three parts with connecting (four pin female to female) cable assemblies. Description and photo here.

Two firmware options available. The first does DHCP and presents a web UI for relay control. The second also does DHCP, but delivers a xAP compliant relay control capability.

Any questions ... drop a note to the admins.

Price: £20.00
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