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Hi Brett,

Would it be a big job to expand HAHs xap with the xap-audio schema?

Specifically for the plugboard and allowing it to interact with audio devices or have I misunderstood and it already can?  I have tried to create xap-audio messages but they don't seem to work.


Loving all the updates, great work.


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any xAP is doable

Hi Gary,

If you are rolling a Plugboard script, it should be possible to send most any xAP message. If you have an existing xAP enabled audio app that can successfully control your audio device, capture a message from this using xFx. Then code some Lua to exactly emulate the message, checking with xFx as you go.


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What are you trying to do?

LUA script can push out whatever xap message you like, it can also respond to incoming xap messages. So I'm not sure what additional support you are after.

If you want to live on the edge you can update to the beta of the new lua engine - be warned there are dragons.  None of your existing scripts will work until recoded.

I'm still trying to get my head around exactly what form it should take myself.  Having said that it can do some pretty amazing things that the old engine just can't do.

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...what is the ET for HAH to become self aware and what can we do to shut it down when it happens?

Will Ctrl + C still do it?


Like the look of the new board but am still getting head around old one, so think I will stick with that for now.  Probably best for everyone actually!

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