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I have just seen the article posted on Automated Home and this looks VERY interesting.


Which version of the livebox do I need? It appears that there are 1.1, 1.2 and 2.0 version available. Looking at the pictures, it looks like V1.1. Is this correct?

Also, is there a way to tell by looking at the label on the box? I am just thinking that if getting one from ebay,the seller may not know what version it is.



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Livebox version

Hi John,

The one that you are looking for is V1.1 - wikipedia has a nice picture of this. There are two 'flavours' of this version. The older one was branded 'Wanadoo' , the newer ones are branded 'Orange'. The Orange variant is nicer as the case is solid & better suited to mounting an external LCD.

Not sure about the label on the box - if it looks like the one in the picture, you will be OK.

There are a few listing on eBay.co.uk just now ... e.g. item#320534110325




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That's great Derek - thanks

That's great Derek - thanks for the quick reply.

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I found this thread quite useful, maybe we can make it more so?

Love the HAHHub. Its really nice to use and will be putting it at the centre of my home automation installation.

Thanks for all your work! Made me grin like an idiot once I saw my first pachube feed.


One of the things that I saw as a barrier to entry was the vagueness of models its proven to work with I was wondering if everyone could list the models they have it working on and possibly any benefits to different models so we know what to buy at auction?

The one I got it working with is DV420-Wu Livebox DC-70.

Not sure if this is any better than the DC-78 I have seen mentioned?

The live mini Livebox-3A91 is supposed not to work I have one here if any of the developers want one if they want to try it? I'm not a great UNIX man.


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Developers developers developers monkey dance

I'm the main (only) developer and I've not tried to get it working on the mini-livebox.  As I'm in the US now its a little tricker to get hold of the hardware so I can test this out.  If there is strong demand for this perhaps I can take a peek but I'd rather concentrate on adding new feature to the existing hardware rather then spending timing trying to support something else and diverting my efforts.

If somebody want to get down to this level and have a go feel free and I can assist but I can't hold your hand in great detail so you better know what you are doing.

Glad you are grinning like an idiot.  If you managed to figure all this our you're cleverer than you give yourself credit for as its does require a reasonable amount of effort to get it all working.  But its so cool when it works!


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