where are you?

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If i knew how to do it i would database this but i was wondering where we are all located.


I will start ball rolling i live in a village about 5 miles south of Milton Keynes called Stoke Hammond.

If you have a pachube feed whats your feed number? have you got HAH (note the use of capitals) in your feed description? if not could you add it please.



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As everyone else seems to be

As everyone else seems to be kindly answering my questions... 

I'm in Southampton ( although moving soon ) and i'm essentially a software developer. Very little experience with hardware but love the concept of the HAH and am looking to write some scripts and some software to go with, from what i can tell so far, a nice piece of hardware. Had experience with developing all kinds of scripts and applications as well as phone applications and web sites. 

I technically have a pachube feed of my CC128 but currently its frozen to reasons unknown to me! I think i'm still working through various issues. I will put HAH in my tags wen it works. 

I also will be using some Home Easy devices and a Watson Weather station. 

p.s - this looks like a site based on drupal which is also a great little tool. Given that people have to register to post, it might be better to allow people to enhance their online profile with this information so that its something that everyone can look at? I'm happy to help with this if needed. 

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wx stn


I too use a  


would love to intergrate this into HAH.




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The site is using drupal - I literally slapped this up in a couple of days and it does need a bit of attention so if you want to help I'd be glad to take you up on your offer.  Perhaps somebody can also volunteer for the watson code


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Given the number of people

Given the number of people that are using the site i think you've done a great job of getting the essentials up and running! Drupal is fantastically flexible though and so can be easily tailored so suit other needs. I'm happy to help so Brett if you want to get in touch my email is archetechs at gmail dot com. On the same subject though, who runs / owns the Livebox wiki? When i was building my HAH i took individual photos of most of the stages of assembly and together with a few notes i was thinking about enhancing the assembly instructions that are online.

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I am about 7 miles west of

I am about 7 miles west of Reading in Pangbourne.

Pachube feed is 10591

I work in mobile devices and apps. Although I worked in manufacture and test of radios in my early career. I dabble in programming, but cant yet do the higher languages, much happier with machine code rather than C.



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My details

Hi All,

I'm from Warrington, NW England. My pachube feed is 21773 and does have HAH in the ID.

I am a Chemistry graduate working in a lab so electronics is not my speciality, although I've managed quite a bit of my initial wish list already thanks mainly to this forum and the excellent documentation.....who says you can't teach old dogs new tricks!! (that said, I have fried 2 AVR's over christmas so maybe you can't :).



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I'm in Ringwood

Hi troops....

I'm in Ringwood, Hants..... back online after a convalescence and family health troubles..... keen to get things moving along....

My pachube feed is 24681, although I'm working on a couple of others as well but they're naff at present.

Very interested in the HomeEasy, Joggler and HAHNode(JeeNode) and I've got a Watson Weather station that's crying out to be HAH'd....

I work from home with minimal site visits, but occasionally do a grand tour of the UK visiting clients....much prefer t'interweb though!

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