What would be a fair charge?

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I am a hardware engineer i build things.

what i hate to see (and i am seeing it more and more) is software people being put off by constructing hardware.

"if" i was to construct and test the boards what would be a sutible "charge" for a fully constructed and tested pcb which would just need "plugging in and mounting" to a converted livebox.

I am not saying it would be pretty but it would be functional.

and i hope i am not treading on anyones toes suggesting this?

I don't have a lot of spare time but could make and test a few a month?


Derek i suspect the only reason you don't offer an assembled and tested kit is the lack of time?



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TARDIS required

Yup. It's a 'time' thing. 

Like everyone else, there are only so many hours in my week. You wouldn't believe how long it takes to pick parts/pack stuff/source components/make MMJ to RJ11 cables/fuse chips/reflash Liveboxes/mill cases/repair 'returned boards' that were messed up etc., etc.

We've always worked hard to keep the HAH offerings both functionally attractive/well documented (mostly Brett) and affordably priced/supplied/tested and post sales supported (mostly me).

The only 'charged services' are currently the 'pre-flashed' Livebox and the 'milled case'. I don't think that the fee for these services is unreasonable (e.g. try buying & running a CNC milling machine!).

I've had a number of (unfulfilled) requests for a 'pre-built' unit. I suspect that it's not just the PCB that is the thing here. If you just want to buy a 'working' HAH, it might be that you have cash to spare & no time OR it might be that you can't follow reflash instructions or work out what to do by reading and understanding. Fine if you are the former, but if you are the latter it's unlikely that a pre-built unit will really bring you much longterm joy. 

>what would be a sutible "charge" for a fully constructed and tested pcb 
Hmm. £10? We could work out how to refer folks who ask for this.



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Been thinking

ANd i do not want to offend but i am looking forward here who actually uses the relay's? or the display?

what i am thinking of is a triple option package.


1.) Fully functional 4 relays and display £55 built and tested

2.)Fully functional 1 relay and display $TBA built and tested

3.)Fully functional 1 relay NO display $TBA built and tested

4.) Self assembly board repair at cost up to MAX £20 or no repair p&p charges only-(damaged beyond repair) (for when people go the "do it yourself" route and mess up.)

i doubt "most" people actually look at the display apart from when they have first assembled the unit. relays i doubt anyone uses 4 most people seem to go the RF route.


Is this a route you would have prefered to take?


Just trying to reduce costs for the "software people" or "script kiddies"

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How it is used

I agree with Dean to the extent that I only actually installed 2 relays which I don't use anyway. I do actually use the LCD for various things, at the moment it's configured to show my gas meter reading and save me that grief of having to go outside and look at it. I also use it to tell me when my PV panels are producing enought to have switched on one of my RF sockets. It's also useful from time to time to send various outputs when testing scripts.

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