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What I bunch of tight arses - I guess they don't care about the future of the planet...

Here in AU I get 22c feed in. 
For comparison my carrier charge rate is somewhere between 30-40c / kw/h depending on how much you use which is pretty pricey electricity so cutting this by 75-50% does add up.

I don't recall what electricity costs in the UK per kw/h how close is this to 12p ?


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Pretty short sighted

It's a pretty poor show.

The pricing is made up of several parts. A daily 'standing charge', mine is 24p. Then a charge for each kWh mine is 9.5p - there is usually a discount applied if you pay by direct debit. more discount if you buy gas from the same supplier. Oh yes, plus VAT at 5%. There are endless 'special tariff deals' which are generally time limited. If you spot a better deal there is often a penalty charge for moving. 

Despite having a 'smartmeter' with a sim card inside it, the meter guy still comes around to do manual readings. Seems that the billing system isn't capable of taking a feed from the meters. Also, the meter reader guy can check for safety and no hot-wiring so good for everyone.

The main thing that you notice is how very much cheaper it is to buy the same amount of energy with gas.

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never had a meter guy 'round

never had a meter guy 'round here but then we have moved on a bit since 2010

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