Thanks to all

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Seasons greetings to all, Brett Derek etc etc too many to mention several of you have given me much help i am now becoming more confident with HAH.


I did not ever think i would be "automated" and have as much fun and make so many friends as i have done this year.


even the SWMBO is starting to come round now she can switch things off/on from her phone (thanks gary), what is starting to upset her is it is the 7 year old who shows her what she is doing wrong!!

My solar PV is now posting to the web/pvoutput site via HAH automatically-Thanks Alan

and i automatically switch any device i chose on when i am generating more from solar than i am using, once again thanks Alan.

I have Jeenodes working at 329metres with "good" ant's-clear line of sight and 30metres througth 2 outside double skin walls and 1 internal wall..more on that in the new year---still testing need to run it with 50% and 25 % capacity batteries before commitment.

as i say thanks all prosperous new year....



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Good distance

Hi Dean,

I'm interested to know how you're getting the distances you are.  I seem to be getting drop outs every so often, you can see these here, data streams 4 and 5, where I get an occasional zero reading.  

My nodes are at the same level with two single brick walls between them and about 10 meters apart.  I've increased the base node to ant. half-length, which helped a lot, I was going to increase the roomnode to half-length also.  My TTL is set to 360 for the roomnode.

Any useful tips?



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TTL too low

I run my TTL's at 900 - I find that quite a number of packets can get dropped before one gets through.  Especially with a number of obstacles in the way.  Anyway 900 seconds is fine for me, I mean how much can the temperature change in 15min!


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I will be documenting (and photographing) but to get the range i used a couple of old 900MHz car phone ants with a 3inch groundplane and very very short leads (circa 10cm)

i still get rogue data as i have 2 weather stations that work on same frequency (and send RF regularly).

reliable range of apx 150m line of site and it "just" gives reliableish coverage througth 2 outside double skin walls and 1 internal wall, i am still testing but have noticed a few drop outs.


just started pachube feeding the jeenode it's 15114  and the pond is the jeenode (temp sensor is in pond).



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Thanks for the report

150m is a great range!


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