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Hi Brett, Derek

May be stupid question but how do I post any code changes to your SVN repository, and what file extensions / where would you like any code placed so it's not mistaken for your hard work.

Presently I have undertaken a very tiny quick code change of the 328 V2.2 code to display on a 16X2 display and also display the firmware version of the AVR on booting.


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Conditional compilation


Great to have somebody else making a positive contribution to the codebase. The main reason for our using a 1x16 LCD was the fact that I had a box of 200 parts in my basement! 2x16 is indeed much nicer.

I reckon that, for now, it would be simple enough to put in a couple of conditional compile directives and a constant to switch between 1x16 & 2x16.  This would avoid having to branch the code. Brett has control over the google code account.


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