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Is there anything within the livebox code that would cause a spontaneous reboot? For the past two days I have come home to one of the TVs being on. When I have checked the TV that is on is the one that was last turned on by the HAH. I have the script to log RF states. Yesterday the box still had it's uptime showing 3 days so obviously that was not down to a reboot but today the log shows the TV coming on at 9am ish this morning and the uptime suggests that the box rebooted at that time.

The logs are clear due to the reboot so I can't find the cause from there.

There was also a strange happening last weekend. All the RF recievers turned off at 2pm on Sunday, this time the box did not reboot but nothing strange in the logs.

It's not a major problem, SWMBO is just happy that the heating control is now iPad based :)

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The HAH should never

The HAH should never spontaneously reboot.  In anycase a reboot would not issue any RF command whilst its doing.

If you want to save the logs on a reboot you can hook in like this.

Create a file /etc/rc1.d/K01savelogs and put in the content

if [ "$1" == "stop" ]; then
        mkdir -p /root/savedlogs
        cp /var/log/* /root/savedlogs

When the HAH reboots the logs will be stored away so you can examine them later.  Each reboot will overwrite that previously stored.  This should help you at least see what was there before the reboot happened.


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Thanks BrettIt only sends RF

Thanks Brett

It only sends RF because I have the RF states script running so when plugboard starts the previous Rf states are transmitted

Code added, I'll see what happens next time :)

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