Running HAH with CC EnviR

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First I would like to say I am really glad I've found the HAH project page.  Well documented and presented!  A parts shop on a side where one feels seller is not trying to rip you off ;)

I spotted HAH when was searching for an alternative to CurrentCost Bridge.  Had some experience with Pachube too so HAH .. in many ways is just what I needed plus more!
Bought from Ebay UK an EON energy monitor (CC EnviR rebrand) and a Livebox.  I was so anxious to get it that made 1-st offer on four! items from £ 0.99 to £ 5 and .. and got them all .. (LoL)

Since day before yesterday I have hah up and posting CC data on Patchube.  Also using Plugboard managed to add "house total" load feed.  Bought also CC dev. board set, intention is to add gas and water monitoring.

I also have a question: if you have a (gu)estimate - when we will see 328 MC in the shop and HAH parts bundle?


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Progress on the 328 chip

Hi Aivo,

Thanks for your report. Good to hear that it's working for you.

Progress on the 328 is slower than we would have liked. Brett has rolled the code and we've both been doing some limited testing.

I've decoded the RF formats for a fair few device types. These are now on the wiki.

I'm waiting for my PPE PCB design to be delivered to allow full testing of the newly extended PPE support.

We've both been hectically busy with dayjob work (in fact, yesterday,  Brett moved from hectically busy to frantically busy). So, it's hard to put a firm date on the release.

The good news is that the new chip is a 'drop-in' replacement for the old one. We do work hard to keep the shop prices as low as is possible (whilst still making a little profit to allow new gadgets to be bought to expand the project - without our SWMBOs complaining that we are wasting money on more 'stuff').


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