Release 304

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Whats in this release

  • Fixed a major issue with the EDF currentcost -if you use an EDF meter you must UPGRADE to this release for it to work.
  • issue 37 - multiple relays and RF devices selected on the web gui not begin actioned.  This actually uncovered another nasty issue, if you drive the RF devices from LUA and try to switch >2 at the same time, everything after the 1st would not fire.  To solve this, and the WEB GUI issue, a timeout has been introduced to delay another RF event happening until the AVR has had time to transmit the RF signal.  On the web gui you will see a new setting to configure this delay, by default its 500ms, note if you make this too small things will stop working.   I've not tested what the threshold is but I'm sure somebody will  :)

Many thanks to Karl for his assistance with Issue 37 and to Martyn and Alex for the EDF currentcost feedback.


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Haven't tested issue 37 fix as yet but would like to say thanks to all involved.



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