Problems with serial port access to console

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I am having problems getting HAH running on my Livebox.  I looked at the telnet approach to console access and decided this was definitely beyond my capabilities. Hence have now purchased a dbZoo console cable.

I have now got access to the Livebox having installed v5_04_3-uk and changed the password as described. So now I am trying to use the serial port for console access.

Managed to find an old laptop with XP and a serial port and have changed its Com1  port setting to those in the dbZoo  write-up, and also installed putty and xfx viewer.

Have now opened putty and clicked serial connection, but when I click OPEN,  nothing happens.

Tried to see if there was anything useful on xfx viewer and this just shows the laptop connected.

Have been through the same process a number of times and now am totally frustrated as I know it is almost certainly my lack of understanding which is the problem.


Any help would be most welcome

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Console cable

Try this:

1. power down Livebox
2. plug in console cable MMJ to the Livebox & the DB9 to your laptop
3. start up putty. Select the correct Com port and ensure that the 'Speed' is set to 115200
4. power up the Livebox.

You should now see lots of output to putty as the box runs its startup scripts.

Of course, you won't see any xFx traffic from the Livebox until you install the HAH firmware

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That worked but stuck again


I think I wil need a bit more "hand holding" to get me thro' this!

Followed your instructions and saw lots of download which finished with 

Please press Enter to activate this console

Pressed Enter, got


Entered root; got


Believe I should have got "No directory, logging in with HOME=/"

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If you are not getting as per

If you are not getting as per the wiki is stating then you've must a couple of steps.

You need to change the livebox name TWICE.
Once with

;echo root::0:0:::/bin/sh>/tmp/x

Save that in the UI and the livebox will probably reboot (I don't remember its been a while - please let us know and we will amend the wiki)
When it comes back you set its name again

;cp /tmp/x /etc/passwd

It will probably do a little reboot again.
At this point you will be able to access via the serial port without a password.


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Getting there

So, your console cable is good. That's a start.

Now, you need to read & re-read the instructions at

Note that you cannot just 'login'. You need to use the broswer User Interface on the Livebox to reset the password. Follow the 'via the serial port' instructions on the wiki carefully. Many, many folks have been able to do this. remember that it takes two reboots of the Livebox - one with the ';echo root::0:0:::/bin/sh>/tmp/x' as the Livebox name, then another with ';cp /tmp/x /etc/passwd'.

I'm assuming that you have setup an ftp server for the next 'breakin' step?

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No luck

Thanks again for all who have tried to help. However have tried the two re-boots using the two new names and still ended up with the request for a password. 

Since then things have got significantly worse! I now find I can no longer connect the PC to the Livebox, so I suspect I have really killed something somewhere.

So many may have succeded but I have failed

Looking forward to ordering a flashed Livebox when I get back from a well deserved holiday

All the best

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