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Hello! Been looking at the Home Automation Hub and for what i need it looks ideal! Good job everyone... :) 

I was really looking forward to getting my hands on all the kit but was disappointed to see that the PCB was out of stock for the parts bundle. Do you have any information about when they might be available, or if there is any other way i can get my hands on the kit? ( assembled or otherwise? )

Thanks, Andy. 

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More PCBs coming soon

The only part for the 'kit' that is not to hand is the damn PCB! I've been waiting for these to arrive from a fab house based in China (we do try to keep the cost of kits as low as we can).

I'm back home on Friday & hope to be able to update the Shop to show PCBs having arrived, then.

Thanks for your patience.


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Excellent. Glad to hear that

Excellent. Glad to hear that at some point they will be available again. Please drop me an email as soon as they become available - been desparate to get my hands on something to tinker with! I would also want to get a reflashed livebox so if there is any way that one could be started to avoid the lead time i'd appreciate that too!


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