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With a solution to intergarting the WH1080 not seeming to be a simple plug and play task....

I got thinking, my house in the UK is ran by homeseer, mainlobby, with an rfxcom ethernet transceiver along with a number of Oregon Scientific temp and humidity sensors to give me room temps etc.

I know Oregon sell a number of weather station solutions too so I bought a WMR80.................. so now how easy would it be to provide a solution for the HAH, well a quick bit of googling provided a jeelabs link which gave the main code providing hex data via the arduino here and protocols:



A bit more searching found some code which should of decoded this into meaningfull results, but didn't out of the box, but after a couple of evenings of re-coding I had it providing temperatures, Hygro, windspeed, direction, rainfall etc. the pde has some issues and needs some work, all I have done is fix the code and added some new sensors, so all credit goes to those who wrote and shared it first.

Does any one have a OWL energy monitor?, as this code has also been provided, not tested so know doubt will need a bit of rework also.

I have attached the arduino code for you to try, modify and share, next step is to write a lua script to parse the data for the HAH.


Added a .txt extension to be able to attach the file so Just delete the .txt file extension

Hope this is of interest

oregonweather_steve_OK.ino_.txt18.49 KB
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Just for info,

I have tryed a few 433Mhz RX, a cheap flebay unit which looks similar to the jeenodes unit is pants only receives data from sensors that are local, a second RFhope unit that was not OOK caompatable, recently sourced a RX-M50RR30SF as used in the original project and have very good reception


Below is a screendump of the serial output from the arduino with the reworked code

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Nice looking RF Rx module

Thanks for the info ... good job Steve.

That module looks very well constructed. 

I tested a fair few cheaper parts when building the HomeEasy RF Rx unit. If you are up for a test, I could send you one of the modules that I ended up choosing ... so you might compare with the RX-M50RR30SF.


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RF Rx comparison

I'm up for testing, it would be interesting to see what differences in range the units have.

The cheap fleabay unit marked ZABR1-01 range was only a couple of meters, where the Aurel RX-4M50RR30SF has a good 15m + inside still need to confirm the full distance.


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