Old ATMega 328

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I have an old ATMega 328 with v2.4 firmware on it I think. I'd like to use it to make a breadboard arduino but I can't get it to accept any programming, presumably because it doesn't have the bootloader set up correctly. Is it possible to rehabilitate it (with out buying a £25 programmer) or should I just bin it and buy a new chip?

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No bootloader on the HAH AVRs

None of the HAH 328s that we ship have a bootloader. The reason for this is that the startup serial traffic from the Livebox can confuse the serial bootloader. Of course, the HAHnode 328s have a bootloader.

Probably easier to buy a new AVR that has been configured with an Arduino bootloader.

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loading a bootloader


I found this while spending time stuck in a hotel not far from you ;)


This describes how to burn a bootloader to a virgin ATmega328 using two jeenodes. I haven't checked the schematics yet but presume this can be done with a couple of roomnodes or roomnode/basenode pair too. It also justifies you spending some pennies on a couple of roomnodes or maye a roomnadoe and a basenode.

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