new RF Codes since Firmware Upgrade

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Freilassing, Austria
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as already asked in another topic (under firmware),
I would be pleased if somebody could give advice to me how to correct the original RF-codes for optimal usage on the new firmware.

I use the home and easy codes as described on the homepage for the RF 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7, just modifying the last hex digit.
Example ON-Code: 010201130A7301130113011304C9011300000C0127104219A6599A59A59A6659A5A666599A65A5B0

As i am in Austria i can't buy home and easy devices, but i found that my intertechno self learning devices ( perfectly worked with that codes on the old firmware.

For the RF 3 and 4 codes have been created with the RF-codehelper also provided on the homepage.
Example ON-Code: 01010177046504650177060127101914141500

This devices are not self learning but have the same possibilities to setup like the bye bye standby device shown on the homepage. Again this worked perfectly with the old firmware!

Thanks for your help how to modify my codes!


Markus from Austria

Glasgow, United Kingdom
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What is and what isn't working?

Hi Markus,

Can you tell me if your RF 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7 devices are actually working?

The full details of the URF capability can be found at

My BBSB devices (non-trainable) work with the example detailed here ...




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