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Just moved house so time to setup everything afresh. I seem to have forgotten lots of stuff during the move but all coming back to me slowly. All the roomnodes now seem to have flat batteries. Probably because they were waiting for ack from hah. Going to get all my nodes set up in each room then start publishing to xively. Just spent a couple of hours wondering why one node was working fine and publishing but another wasn't. Then fired up XAP on the ipad and realised it wasn't transmitting :)

Also working on an app for an android tablet. I have the floor plan so intend to create an app based on that and have each room separate. 

No need for heating control now as new house control is very well thought out but need to monitor gas meter and this one is different than the last so need a different style reed switch. 

I was a little disturbed when I saw the house being built and saw all the foil being installed in the cavities but this doesn't seem to have reduced roomnode reception. Looks like this house is going to be a LOT cheaper to run but still want to monitor whatever I can.

I may have a few bits of kit that I will no longer need so I will post on here if anything is going spare. I'd rather share it within our little community than throw it.



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returned earlier from a walk

returned earlier from a walk and all we have doen in the living room is fired up the computers and put the telly on. Between 7.30pm and now the temperature has risen nicely.

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Rising Temperature

Perhaps it was the rising excitement generated by the football match on the telly!

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Good to see ya back matey

Good to see ya back matey :)


Reminds me of the gains we found since we had both loft and cavity wall insulation (free from the Gov too)

Its like a thermos now and rarely dips below 19oC even during the winter :)

i've also moved my kit into the loft due to my NAS drives shutting down due to overheating!!!

now its just the Sky box, HDMI matrix, Xbox and HAH generating the rooms heat

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Back up and running with Corona

Managed to get my corona app working better. Still want to add floorplan as 'home' page then select each room to monitor/control. That's work in progress but got this going for now.

HAH control up and running on tablet

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Looking good

Love the binary background.

The takeup on the Corona front has been rather limited. The framework for HAH/xAP integration is pretty solid. Not sure why this stuff isn't grabbing more attention. Perhaps it's just all too 'hard'.

Anyhow, good to see that you are making solid progress.


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Nice one... When I get my

Nice one... When I get my head out of the clouds from my day job I'll try to make some more progress on this.  At the moment there is just too much going on.  Good to see people using this framework thou.


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Corona dies the death


I agree, Corona opens up all sorts of exciting off site possibilities. My last post to Brett's thread was in April and none since!

I have got gone back to Java for my Android app as I have hit a hurdle in Corona as per


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