Need advice on USB devices etc

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I am looking at connecteing a cc (mains current thingy) a 7110 mobile (i have lead and phone) as well as several other usb bit's n pieces in the future (incl usb mem key).

what i am asking is has anyone used a 2 or 4 way usb to serial converter?

On one of my amateur radio setups i use a 2 way and at work we use a few 4 way's (prolific chipset) my question is has anyone already tried these and if so what are the recommendations etc?

I hate re-inventing the wheel.


reason for the cc is i am due to have solar panels installed shortly and want to monitor what they are generating and hopefully if they are powering more than house is using to fire up immersion heater until it balances to zero, lots of planning and hopes for this project :) i like the cc as it can monitor many different sensors.

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4 way prolific is good

I've tried a variety of USB hubs ... most are recognised. To check if a specific device is good, telnet in & use 'dmesg' to see if the device is recognised.

My USB to 4-way DB9 prolific works well. The devices always seem to enumerate in the same order ... which is handy.

See the wiki for notes on the best way to format up a USB memory key.

We like the CC Envi and its ability to have lots of sensors too. Specific support for this on the HAH.

One thing to watch though. The 5V rail on the HAH can only supply so much current. If you plan to use a bundle of, power hungry, USB attached devices, consider having an external 5V supply.


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