modified Lidl urf codes for new Arduino AVR code

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Since upgrading to the new AVR code I noted that for some reason a few (1on code and 1off code) of my previous URF codes set would not work. I have therefore modified them so that I now have 6 working URF codes, for info they are as follows:

rf1 on 01020320028A05DC028A05DC0514032004B00C029C4015CB1555561600

rf1off 01020320028A05DC028A05DC0514032004B00C029C4015CB1555555540

rf2 on 01020320028A05DC028A05DC0514032004B00C029C4015CB1555861B00

rf2off 01020320028A05DC028A05DC0514032004B00C029C4015CB1555855840

rf3 on 01020320028A05DC028A05DC0514032004B00C029C4015CB1555B21840

rf3off 01020320028A05DC028A05DC0514032004B00C029C4015CB1555B15B00

rf4 on 01020320028A05DC028A05DC0514032004B00C029C4015CB1555621540

rf4off 01020320028A05DC028A05DC0514032004B00C029C4015CB1555615600

rf5 on 01020320028A05DC028A05DC0514032004B00C029C401515B155561600

rf5off 01020320028A05DC028A05DC0514032004B00C029C401515B155555540

rf6 on 01020320028A05DC028A05DC0514032004B00C029C401515B155861B00

rf6off 01020320028A05DC028A05DC0514032004B00C029C401515B155855840




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We noted this too

There are a couple of things that you might find when moving to the v3.x base.

The timings for the RF pulses is slightly off, as in 10% longer than they should be, and need tweaking back a little Derek noticed this problem too.  Mostly the receivers are tolerant enough to handle this, still getting them spot on certainly gives better range and stability.

The nice thing is being Universal RF this is trivially adjusted by shortening the pulse timings and repacking.

We also noticed that on some of the URF strings they need an additional trailing ZERO (0) added as the AVR was running out of data prematurely and failing to transmit.  The extra zero is not processed but was necessary to make a even number of transmission hex pairs.  Note sure if this is what you are alluding too here or not.

In anycase both of these are minor problem that are very easily resolved.


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