Livebox up and running

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Just a post to say that this is a really useul bit of kit and an equally useful forum.

Having discovered this a couple of weeks ago I managed to pick up a box for 99p plus postage on fleabay. Getting the firmware installed was relatively straight forward by following the wiki. There is a lot to learn and I have spent quite a bit of time trying to get to grips with lua scripts. ( It's a steep learning curve for me). I'm hoping to order the addon pcb kit soon and expand the useability.


I have seen lots of talk of the xapflash program which I assume works with any flash enabled device, but I can't for the life of me find out how to download a copy. Any pointers would be welcome.


I'm working on a script to post Solar PV data from a current cost meter to PVOutput which would be a really useful addition for me, any help would be gratefully received.

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Hi allanayr,Well done on

Hi allanayr,
Well done on getting up and running.

I'm in same boat as you ...  steep learning curve and to be honest, some of it is beyond my level or interest.

xAPFlash was originally intended to run on O2 Joggler.  You can find it here:

Having modded mine, I've fixed it to the wall in the kitchen.



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Unable to get joggler software

Trouble with above link is you cannot get the software.


Does anyone have a copy they can send? V5 beta 6 etc


really would like to get my joggler displaying cc data etc

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Livebox up

Got a second box now and completed the flashing of the HAH software onto it so I have a spare in case of disasters. I'm with g7pkf on this I still can't find the Xapflash app anywhere. Any pointers gratefully received.

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Our of our hands ...

xapFlash on the Joggler, when combined with the HAH, is epic. It's the one HA application that SWMBO uses (and complains about if I don't keep it running).

However, it's a 'not invented here' project. 

The chap behind xapFlash is one of the original xAP designers and is a HAH user/supporter. However, there are some complex reasons why this excellent piece has not been as available as it might have.

All that I can suggest is that folks post messages of interest on the automatedhome forum. Actually, not just 'interest' but the willingness to 'add' to the xapFlash project by documenting, giving decent beta feedback etc.


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