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Hi All,

    I was wondering if someone in the know could give me a gentle steer in the right direction. I am on a steep learning curve and a little stuck with this one.

I have found a neat little Iphone app called "mote" that will send UDP/TCP messages and allows you to set up GUI screens and program buttons etc. ( a cheap joggler alternative that will also work outside the house using a host name setup on a dns server was my original aim)
I have managed to get this to send XAP messages to switch on/off RF sockets using an alias style xap message (message is converted to hex so that mote can send it).
This all works well (if a bit unattractive at the moment) and I will post the mote config file later when I have had chance to tidy it a bit in case anyone else is interested.

The bit I would like some help on is regarding Klone. The mote app can also "poll" via tcp,udp and http and display results on the gui. I have used this to poll the /component/statusinfo.kl1 file and display the reported uptime from this, this works no problem.
I would now like to create a new .kl1 file within the same component directory that will return the 1-wire temperatures only, so I can display them easily within  my mote gui.
I think I can find the required code within the index.kl1 page on googecode but cannot work out how to drop a new .kl1 onto the livebox. I cannot find the individual .kl1 files, are they packed away somewhere?.
I feel I may be out of my depth here but any pointers about how to do this or web links to help me learn would be most appreciated.

Thanks again and I will post the fruits of my labour when its a bit tidier and a little less embarrasing ;).



UPDATE: Forget this. I am being stupid. I can poll the data i require from Pachube.

I'll post results soon. I am rather pleased with it so far. even if I say so myself :)

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All compiled in

Hi Garry,

Great to see you trying this.

Brett is the guru here (and will correct me if I've said anything wrong), but as I recall it, all of the 'dynamic content' .kl1 files are compiled into a single kloned executable file. /usr/bin/kloned

If you want to experiment with klone, the best thing to do might be to run thru the tutorial at http://www.koanlogic.com/klone/tut.html - easier to do on a linux box rather than on the HAH itself.


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Another idea

I was going to suggest what you have already discover re: pachube polling.

Another approach you could simply build a caching LUA applet that also acts as web server to return results as you need.  In fact if you map the xAP endpoint to VFS (virtual file system) this would you give access to ANY xAP data item using a URL.

This is such a cool idea I might just code that up myself as demonstrator applet (stay tuned on this)


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