Howto make a "Really Useful Box", extremely useful

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Just thought I'd share with you my Hah build.  I was getting fed up with the finicky and awkward Orange casing not to mention all the peripheries for Hah and wanted to fit it all  into an existing stack.

Fortunately, there's a box for that.


The really usefull box.  I think it's a 4L and looks about the size of an A4 page.  Brett you should still remember what the proper size for a sheet of paper is!  Anyway, the 4L provides enough space to house the boards, a usb controller, a 3way powersupply and associated wiring.


Arial view of HAH


I used extensive hot glue, tie wraps and cable ties.

HAH Connector Ports


But it makes updateing/modifying/fixing hah much easier and it fits into a stack of these I have for other functions like media server, firewall etc.

Side View of 3-way power


Somethings didn't quite fit, like the power plug extender, so I had to cut it down to size a little, cover the end with clear perspex and hot glued just for saftey.

Next mod will be to add a reset button on the front and update the display to a double lined screen with backlight.

Hope this give you guys some inspiration.



p.s. I forgot to take a pic with the lid on but you get the idea.

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loving it

cant figure out how to post but mine lives in airing cuboard:-


must post new pohotos as wxstn and camera monitor also live on wall now with the cc (its at top of stairs)

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Nice case mod

I'm still pineing for metric anything! - A4 paper, Celcius, Kilograms, Metres (and spelt that way).

Oh and also light switches the right way around whats with UP on and down OFF, that just messes with my head!  Long distance dialing inside a country without having to dial +1, 220v but not UK plugs and alcohol from supermarkets.

I certainly don't miss grey sky's thou.


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