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After much arguments with wife i have given in and purchased 6 HE-302 they can be "dual" programmed (well can be linked to 6 remotes) so hah and remote so when HAH does not work wife can still turn light on. Also these do not seem to be impacted by power cut's!

probelm is i am struggling with codes the below all work but i cannot fathom out how to add more?

presently i have 6 devices but if i can get that to 12 i will so I need 13 codes (i use one code as an all off code)

The codes i found that work are below but even using the excellent web rf thingy i cannot get anymore working? these codes are for nexus brand? but work the he-302's i did try some other codes i found but all remotes went on/off



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You are using the Universal RF in the HAH 328 chip? -

If so then set your HE200 rotary dial to 'A' and then use the rf-helper to generate the codes A1 to A8 - a1 on will give 01010177046504650177060127101900001500 - the red 900 represents 'A' , the blue 00 represents 'unit 1' and the green 1500 is 'ON' so referring to my list in the Homeeasy RF receiver thread you can leave the red 900 as is for all your receivers and just change the blue component to match the unit number that you wish to control i.e. change it to 40 to control unit 2, leave the green 1500 for the on command and change it to 1400 for the off command.

I have listed the codes for A1 to A8 below:-

A1 on = 01010177046504650177060127101900001500

A2 on = 01010177046504650177060127101900401500

A3 on = 01010177046504650177060127101900101500

A4 on = 01010177046504650177060127101900501500

A5 on = 01010177046504650177060127101900041500

A6 on = 01010177046504650177060127101900441500

A7 on = 01010177046504650177060127101900141500

A8 on = 01010177046504650177060127101900541500

A1 off = 01010177046504650177060127101900001400

A2 off = 01010177046504650177060127101900401400

A3 off = 01010177046504650177060127101900101400

A4 off = 01010177046504650177060127101900501400

A5 off = 01010177046504650177060127101900041400

A6 off = 01010177046504650177060127101900441400

A7 off = 01010177046504650177060127101900141400

A8 off = 01010177046504650177060127101900541400

Copy the above codes in HAH and providing you have programmed them into your Homeeasy receivers (plug sockets) they will work - I cannot find reference on the Homeeasy site to the HE332B sockets but have found the pack I think you bought from Ebay? - can you confirm that they do indeed have a learn button on the front - if they don't then I think they will only support 3 command sets and can only be reset by the group button on the slimline remote (not the HE200) - but if they do they should support 6 command sets and can be reset by holding the learn button in for 6 seconds releasing and pressing again - the LED will flash twice to confirm all commands have been wiped and you are ready to start teaching again.  I cannot stress enough that you should clear out the memory of the receivers before programming as your issues could be down to bad/conflicting codes already stored.

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