HAH stopped responding, won't reflash to HAH...?

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HAH stopped responding, won't reflash to HAH...?


For some unknown reason my HAH stopped at around 03:00 this morning 29/01/12. I reset the box but it would not boot - the LCD display shows 8 blocks on the left hand side of the screen...

I re-booted without the HAH-Hardware attached but still nothing, the left hand LED flashes quickly and the center LED was doing 3 slow flashes, pausing and then doing another 3 slow flashes...

Assuming some sort of corrupt flash I have re-flashed the box to the stock 'firmware_5_04_3-uk.dwb', gained telnet access and gone through the process of replacing the redboot loader...I then flash the hah-firmware.dwb using the RGWRepair tool but once the flashing is complete the LED's on the device look OK but it does not appear to pick up an IP address, neither will it respond to either or (the two addresses it uses during the re-flash process). Checking with WireShark I can see the device ARPing when is starts up - "14 696.999504 Inventel_46:8d:a8 Broadcast ARP 60 Gratuitous ARP for (Request)" (DHCP server is available on the network - no DHCP requests show in WireShark)

I've checked using XFX and can't see any XAP being broadcast. I've also re-downloaded the firmware and tools again today to check for corruption...

The hardware appears fine using the stock firmware but will just not take the HAH firmware anymore...

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what may be wrong?

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Flashing again but this time using an old version of firmware has worked Build: 287/3.4

However, the LCD display is exhibiting some strange behaviour. I still have the 8 black blocks to the left of the display. If I turn on the 4 relays on the board then the display blanks as though not attached?

Possibly a power problem?

Any suggestions greatfully received.


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check power supply and replace

had similar issue

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