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I would like to use the HAH as a replacement for my current setup but i guess i can't do without help..

Currently i have some solar panels on my roof and i'm monitoring the generated power as well as the total comsumed power at home. Beside these two i'm also monitoring the consumed gas.
The electrical power is measued with two DIN-rail kWh meters outputting one pulse every watt/hour.
Gas usage is measured with an optically from the last digit of the gas meter (last digit has mirror in the "0")
Pulses from these three devices are captured by a "powerlogger" which is actually an atmel avr (which was designed and built by a friend). This powerlogger stores every two minutes the counted pulses in eeprom together with a timestamp (coming from a RTC within the powerlogger).
This powerlogger is able to operate stand-alone, logged data can be retrieved from the built-in LCD display. Its also provided with a serial port (rs232) to be able to retrieve the data on a pc.
I'm currently reading the daily totals every night with a thin-client, which is storing the data is a mysql database on a diskstation (nas) on my network at home.
I created a website displaying this data (see http://johnlast.nl/energie/ ) and also historical data can be displayed here (http://johnlast.nl/energie/history.php) sorry for the dutch language....

Now i would like to use the HAH as a replacement for the powerlogger and the thin client but i don't know if the inputs from the HAH can detect the pulses from the kWh-meters (typically 30 ms).
Next i would like to know how to modify the inputs from monitoring states into counting pulses.

Any help would be very much appreciated!



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A few thought

Using the outputs to monitor a pulse at 30ms wouln't be feasible in the units current configuration, for starters when the RF sub-system transmits due to the precision needed for the RF pulse train all interrupts are disabled and a pulse stream can take a reasonable amount of time to transmit... much > 30ms.    This means you can miss quite a number of events whilst transmitting.  So disable RF you say... ok but then you're ripping out a lot of functionality.

Secondly the xap-livebox process and indeed the current firmware are tightly coupled and would require a rewrite which is way out of scope for what it was intended and something I don't wish to take onboard.

Given you current logger is a standalone system can you feed its serial stream into the HAH?

Of course then you would need something to handle it on this side depending on how much data it generates and in what form perhaps even xap-serial could be used for the interface then you would need an LUA applet to pick up this xap serial encapsulated serial data and forward to the pachube service.  That might be possible and doable.

If you run into problem with documentation I can certainly clarify how things interface together so you can write what might be required.


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Some more thoughts

Would it be possible to replace your powerlogger with a powerlogger jeenode?  You could use the inputs on the jeenode to recording the measurements and the jeenode could then send those to the HAH.  You'd need some custom code on it, but it sounds like you've got a very capable friend.  I don't know too much about the technical difficulties, but it would seem a sensible way forward, the jeenode is already capable of detecting PIR signals, isn't this similiar to a pulse from your monitor?

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