HAH Parts Bundle - without Temperature Sensor?

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I have just flashed a LiveBox to the HAH firmware. Looks good so far. I've ordered a couple of JeeNodes to have a play with.

I'd also like to order a HAH parts bundle (and a JeeNode connection cable) however I see the Temperature Sensor jack plug appears to be out of stock - is there any way I can place an order for a bundle without the jack plug (and or sensor - i've already got a load already)?

Cheers, keep up the good work - I hope to be able to contribute to the forums once I have a working setup :-)


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Hi Andy,We're currently out

Hi Andy,

We're currently out of stock on a couple of 'vital' parts for the HAH bundle (a supplier sent the wrong items - twice!). Am out and about this week, but I do hope that these will be awaiting my return on Friday.

I'll update the stock levels then.


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