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Can someone advise me where the HOW to for intergrating the Joggler with the HAH has gone?


I just got a joggler and would like to use it with my hah. i did find the how to once upon a time but now i want it i cannot find it :(

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Clearly, you also need to get up to speed with xapFlash.


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Yep well joggler has

Yep well joggler has arrived.


tonight is play time does anyone ahave a copy of the required files i need to put on the joggler, i gather its at revision beta 5.

I have asked on the right forum but no response yet so if someone has them handy can they send me them?

also i gather there is a very good how-to but i buggered if i can find it anyone have the link? want to play tonight not be searching tinternet.


thank you kind sir's

dean at packetradio dot co dot uk

bet ill be back asking more silly questions as ultimately i want to be able to turn relays on/off and monitor 5 feeds from current cost and possibly 3 from 1wire devices.

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