HAH baseNode kit


A kit of parts to make a baseNode to connect to your HAH. A typical setup has one baseNode and one or more roomNodes.

1x HAHnode PCB
1x AVR microcontroller
1x AVR socket
1x RFM12B transceiver
1x resonator
1x resistor
1x voltage regulator
1x electrolytic capacitor
4x ceramic capacitors
1x ¼ wave antenna wire
1x 6way molex pins

Note that the image shows a pre-built baseNode. You are buying a kit of parts. Soldering required.

Build notes are available.

Details at http://www.dbzoo.com/livebox/hah_hahnode#building_your_own

Also note that you may well want to purchase our 'attach cable' to connect this to your HAH, both for programming & for normal operation.

Price: £14.00
Hardware Info