USB to serial module + cable for HAHnode attach

module & cable
modulemicro B
SKU: ftdi_1

This is a USB to serial adapter and a six way female to female cable.

Jumper selectable for 5V or 3.3V output. Ships jumpered for 5V use. Chipset is the popular FTDI FT232RL.

USB power has over current protection, using a 500mA, self-restore, fuse.
Two surface mounted green LEDs flash to indicate Tx and Rx activity

A red surface mounted LED indicates power from USB.

Pinout of six way, 0.1" connector is that used by the HAHnode: DTR,RXD,TX,VCC,CTS,GND.

The USB connector on this unit is a mini B. 

Supplied with a six way female to female cable. Handy for connecting this module to a HAHnode.

You need to add your own USB to micro B cable (and HAHnode!).

Price: £4.50
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