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The nice people at current cost have gifted me an optismart gas monitor and bridge to beta test for them. The reed switch housing is the one I got quoted at £45 from the meter manufacturer, so I'm on a winner already. I have a spare enviR that wasn't connected to the HAH so making use of that now (instead of it just being sat in the living room, scaring my wallet)

I haven't received any info on how to set it up but I've managed to google enough to realise I have to pair to channel 9, set the dATA conversion value then pair to main channel. The bridge was easy enough to set up so I now have a 'dashboard'.

I've sent emails to them to say the equipment is hooked up but not seeing any gas pulses on their 'dashboard'. No reply as of yet.

The reed switch will soon be connected to my gasnode so I don't have to re-apply the blu tak to my original (Maplin £1.20) reed switch when it looses it's tack. If they get back to me I might even connect them both in paralell :)

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Hi Mark,i was reading about

Hi Mark,

i was reading about the cc gas monitoring solutions only the other week, sounds great!

little bit jealous your meter allows an optismart connection....

both my electric and gas are very oldskool..



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