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This is modified roomnode source. The 'moved' signal no longer sends an immediate transmission but each 'moved' pulse is counted. The total count is sent where the 'humi' value would be, every 5 minutes. The count is retained until an 'ack' is recieved from the basenode.

The code has been working well now for a couple of weeks and now the heating season will soon be upon us, I thought others may want to try.

If you edit the jeenodeApplet.lua as follows...

  [yourRoomnodeNumber] = RoomNode{base="dbzoo.livebox.jeenode:gas-monitor", endpoints = {temp=1,lobat=1,light=1,moved=1,humi="count"}, ttl=900},

you will get the count endpoint at dbzoo.livebox.jeenode:gas-monitor.count every 5 minutes

If you are like me and you gas box is outside you also get a handy monitor of the outside temperature and light level :)

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Since posting this I have had

Since posting this I have had a failed boiler control panel and several of the RF sockets have stopped responding...but he ho we carry on :)

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I have to say that I too am having problems with the RF not working for inexplicable reasons.

I have even done several backups when the whole system is working but when I do a restore of the files after a breakdown the RF still refuses to operate. I then have to rebuild the system from a clean update, checking that the RF works with each module added.

Following the last rebuild 4 days ago the RF is still working OK so maybe I'm making some progress. This time I didn't enable the following:







I'm keeping an eye on things and I'll let you know if I come up with any definitive finding.



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All rf devices are now back

All rf devices are now back up and running thanks to Derek. It seems the transmitter was a little weak. It would control some devices (obviously the closer or more sensitive ones) but not others and if I tried to reset the rf sockets they wouldn't accept a new code as they need a more powerful signal during programming.

Now to add a DC-DC converter, to give me the negative voltage I need for the LCD contrast, instead of batteries :)

Next step is to recompile the firmware to add support for more than 25 characters on the LCD, maybe Derek or Brett will do that for me ;)

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