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ive been using hah for a wile now, and before i ask my question, i'd just like to add my thanks for not only providing the firmware, and the schema for me to design my own hah hardware, but for giving me the inspiration to take it to the next level (a thin client running debian [headless] with 4" touch screen).

Now that ive moved onto my thin client, i didnt just want to retire the livebox, so i considered putting OpenWrt onto it. Ive never tried OpenWrt, so i read up on the "how tos" for flashing the livebox, and of course they all assume you are running stock firmware, and havent already broken the redboot stuff.

What would be the easiest way for me to flash from hah to OpenWrt?

Has anyone done this?

Once again, very many thanks,


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not done it either

This is the best place to find out how this is done:


I would suggest buying a serial console adapter from our shop instead of building your own it will make the while process SO much easier.


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