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I am having a problem when I use the Flash GUI interface in that occasionally the interface freezes / locks up and the only way I can get it restarted, is to reboot/power down the HAH. The normal Automation (Tab) interface still works OK after Flash GUI has frozen, so I can still turn on and off all my kit.

I have always had this problem but the regularity of it happening is getting worse.

When I check the normal log files I see nothing wrong.

Is there a separate log file for the Flash GUI ?

Can the flash GUI be restarted manually ?


Many thanks




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The Flash GUI does not

The Flash GUI does not actually run on the HAH at all.  It runs in your browser (client side) it communicates with the iServer on the HAH.   If the Flash GUI locks up restarting the HAH will not solve anything as the code is not running there.  BTW: I did not write this so I can't give much guidance on your problems.   I the GUI on a joggler and its pretty rock solid for me.


MAIDSTONE, United Kingdom
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Brett many thanks for your comments, looking back the increase in lockups seem to have coincided with me upgrading one of my laptops to Windows 10. This is more than likely to be just a coincidence, but I will stop using the W10 laptop and monitor the lockups.

One other thing I have noticed is that some/one of my displayed temperatures (I have 7) go blank randomly or take a long time to populate the screen in the GUI.


Not sure if anyone else has had the above problems. 

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