Firmware update 306

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After 6 weeks without an internet connection I finally got back online last Friday. Having done so, I (perhaps foolishly) set about updating everything at once including my HAH box.

Since then my boiler control applet, which has worked faultlessly for several weeks, has failed to maintain it's RF link with my boiler on a couple of occasions. It sends the boiler code every minute by URF. Has anyone else had problems with URF since the latest upgrade?



P.S I upgraded from 302 straight to 306

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Not any changes with URF

Not any changes with URF between 302->306.  In any case your applet is asking URF to send so it sends!  URF can't initialte a transmission all on its own.  I would start with debugging your applet and seeing why its firing so often.

Actually I checked there are a few significant changes:

  • I tried to get XON/XOFF working (think its still broken)
  • Introduced a timing delay for overlapping URF Tx when fired in quick sucession.  issue 37.


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