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I'm a noob, so please be gentle....

I've got Filezilla running (bog standard install).... I've downloaded etc.tar and renamed it to 'u' and put copies in what I think are the right places (home dir for anonymous user, root, HAH subdir....) but I keep getting...

(000001) 21/05/2010 11:11:41 - anonymous (> 257 "/" is current directory.
(000001) 21/05/2010 11:11:41 - anonymous (> TYPE I
(000001) 21/05/2010 11:11:41 - anonymous (> 200 Type set to I
(000001) 21/05/2010 11:11:41 - anonymous (> PORT 10,0,0,1,12,1
(000001) 21/05/2010 11:11:41 - anonymous (> 200 Port command successful
(000001) 21/05/2010 11:11:41 - anonymous (> RETR u
(000001) 21/05/2010 11:11:41 - anonymous (> 550 File not found !!!!!

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance....EJ
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Hi EJ,

Welcome to the HAH forums, we all start somewhere, I bricked my first Livebox and had to buy a new one, so I imagine how I felt when I had to ask for help?!

So, just to check what you've done :-

1. You've installed FileZilla Server

2. You've setup the user anonymous

3. You've setup a shared folder, (this is a folder on your PC/laptop with the IP address, you should copy the renamed file into it)


Your log looks good, it just can't find the 'u' file, make sure it's in the shared folder,



Ringwood, United Kingdom
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Bugger.....renamed it using

Bugger.....renamed it using Explorer and it retained the .tar extension...... sorted!


Will post when successful

Thanks for the welcome.... enjoying the work indoors on this hot, sweaty day!!  Might've been the three small innies that caused the mental block earlier... I blame the water myself....

Talk soon...

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Yeeeeha!!!!  Done and done....

It all falls into place when you RTFM.....  I'm now the proud owner of my first moded LiveBox....

Lots of things to do.... rest first.....


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