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The Current cost unit has it's limitations.......

Major.. it's not a true power monitor, it's USB based so the unit has to be connected to the HAH and what is the displayed info all about...


This unit is Jeenode 'ish' based, has an active forum..........  So intergration should be simple ! ... some months ago I played with a vero board arduino version I logged to via a pc via real time Voltage, Amps, Power, PF, real power etc. ! , just ordered the shield version RFM12B and display.


Any thoughts

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page not found

so we have no way of knowing whether it is better or worse than what we have

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Not sure why?

Not sure why the link shows page no found, but you were only two clicks away... follow the link and then click on the modules tab and in the drop down list emonTX shield.


The main problem with the Current cost and similiar monitors is they do not record real power usage, they just measure current through a CT, thus the KW or W useage displayed is not a true value of what you are actually using as you also need a voltage measurement to achive this.

There's plenty of info on real power measuring on the web site.

Presently getting my head around lua tables for a WeatherApplet for the fine offset weather sation arduino decoder I have built, but once this done I plan on intergarting this unit and a emonGLCD unit in my HAH in place of the current cost unit another big + it's all RF based.

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