Deletelasttweet missing in portable

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 Have recently noticed that whilst twitter is working it's not deleting last tweet. Looking at repo the portable branch missing this .c file? Is this correct?

I will try adding and remaking but just wondered as it may affect others using portable version.




EDIT: just noticed this is test code only so doesn't explain lack of tweet deletion. Twitter messing again? I'll have a dig

ANOTHER EDIT: looks like twitter haven't changed anything!  I've rebuilt twitter deamon using most recent portable code but still the same. Twitter works other than deleting tweet. 

Can somebody else verify it works for them? I've run debug level 7 but no errors that I could see.


thanks Garry

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The code in the portable

The code in the portable distro matches that of the livebox.  So it should be misbehaving there too.
Maybe twitter changed something.  I'll take a look.  - Brett

UPDATE:  I think they modified their API or now require it to be POST request and not a DELETE one.

Anyway I've fixed in this the portable branch and the livebox branch, those using twitter on the livebox will need to wait until I push a new release.   I'll do that once Gary xchecks this.


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Thanks Brett.

Thanks Brett. 

The change wasn't very well publicised (if at all) by Twitter. I looked for changes but couldn't see any, glad you found the reason. 

I have updated the distro on my pi and built xap-twitter. Will test functionality at lunchtime. 

Stay tuned

EDIT: now tested new code and all functional again. cheers Brett!.



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