CurrentCost USB adaptor Colour experiance?

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I've had my livebox running HAH for a week now, logging a 1 wire temp sensor, current cost temp and wattage.. but until last night I have not managed to log any meaningful results from my EnviR on power consumption.

I'm very used to the CC units presently owning 4 (1X classic V2, 1XCC128(Envi) and recently 2X EnviR's) the first pair have logged info in my Homeseer server since the ClassicV2 was available, and with 6 mini sensors without issue.

Now to the two EnviR's I recently purchased via ebay as upgrades, the first came with a white USB adaptor the second came with a Black USB adaptor.

As I had yet to connect these to my Homeseer system I plucked one from it's box along with it's white USB lead and linked it up to my Livebox and got immediate temp readings but sporadic peaks of power usage. last night I upgraded to the 328 AVR firmware and during this time got a bit more involved in looking at why I didn't see any power info by looking at the coms over telnet.

Basically some of the XML code was missing periodically missing/corrupt, I had seen that others on this forum have had no issues, so I swapped out the USB lead from the other unit I had purchased, nothing else.....  and now all is logging correctly, temp and power :-)

Just wondering what current cost USB adaptors you guys were using.....

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Both should do?

I am using here white with EnviR - this is what one normally gets with it, vs. black with Envi?

In my understanding both are same in essence - USB to RS-232 bridges - with black having four pins connected and white having three (Rx,Tx,GND and no 3V back from bridge?).

I had similar xml issues (in fact RS232 signalling issues) only when tried to "extend" the cable over Cat5 cabling to other side of house.


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May be It's faulty

Hi Aivo

Thanks for your reply, I'll swap back this evening and try the White USB adaptor again (may be it's faulty !), the black unit hasn't missed a beat for nearly 24hrs, got to say it's the first time using these USB adaptors as my Homeseer server is connected to the CC128 via an RS232 adaptor I made using a MAX232 IC so I've had no logging issues.

Your understanding is the same as mine in that they sould be the same and If I recall they use the FTDI IC's, maybe I'll open up the white unit and take a look.

Due to the High baud rate of the CC128 and EnviR you will get XML dropouts over a long distance, the only way to get around this would be to use an RS232 to ethernet converter.



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