Command line ignored but web interface works

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I noticed this when trying to debug the failure of my annual Cron automation of Christmas lights.  I don't think that I've done anything to break it as I rarely go beyond the web interface, but as I'm a complete novice anything's possible...


Command line attempts to control RF switch are ignored.  I've tried
bscmsg -t dbzoo.livebox.controller:rf.1 -s on
aliasmsg "rf 1 on"

However using the web interface, RF control works just fine.  The bscmsg command (in fact entering bcsmsg 'anything') generates this error message:

bscmsg: onoff is unknown type

  Various flags and option typ
    -t (string)   xAPBSC Targe
    -s (onoff)    xAPBSC State
    -x            xAPBSC Text
    -l            xAPBSC Level

aliasmsg "rf 1 on" returns no error. It does generate an XAP event that I can see with xfx viewer, {text=rf 1 on}, but no RF event.

I've tried rebooting, installing latest f/w, clean install & restore settings.   No joy.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

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Hi Doug bscmsg had a bug that

Hi Doug


bscmsg had a bug that has been recently fixed. Ensure you are on the most recent beta build and try again. What build are you on?.

as for aliasmsg, for this to work you also need the alias handler script running in plugboard, do you have this?




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I know that issue I did fix

I know that issue I did fix that in the later beta please upgrade to 310.11 and verify.

Dunfermline , United Kingdom
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Yes you did fix it

Ta Da!


Updated to 311.11 and I'm sorted.  Many thanks for the speedy reply.


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