Cheap logic analyzer

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I was in the market for a cheap logic analyzer so I thought I would try out this:

Using version 1.1.46 of the USBEE software which won't ZAP the firmware and render it a brick it turns out this little sucker is pretty good.

Here is a screenshot of me decoding the I2C traffic between an arduino and a BMP0085 pressure sensors I've been play with.

A little about the screenshot attachment usbee-ax.jpg

Digital 0 - is the I2C SCL (Clock line)
Digital 1 - is the I2C SDA (Data line)
Digital 2 - is a duplicate of the Digital 1 so you can see the raw pulse train before automatic decoding.

Next to try some of those RF and IR pulse trains I've been meaning to get around to figuring out.


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under £8 that is cheap

worth a punt got one on order :)

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