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Think the bscmsg helper still has an issue. See below:

 bscmsg -t dbzoo.livebox.williams:Thermostat -s on -x 20.5

/usr/bin/lua: /usr/bin/bscmsg:39: attempt to concatenate field 'x' (a boolean value)

stack traceback:

        /usr/bin/bscmsg:39: in main chunk

        [C]: ?



changing the -x flag in the code to -c and args.c (for example) fixes it, is this cos variable x is used during the on/off state check??



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No the x usage for onoff has

No the x usage for onoff has nothing to do with it.
If you dump the resultant ARGS table before its being used you'll see the error.  This is an lapp parsing bug.

# ./bscmsg -t dbzoo.livebox.williams:Thermostat -s on -x 19.1
  l = false,
  x = true,
  s = "on",
  t = "dbzoo.livebox.williams:Thermostat"

And it should be

  l = false,
  x = "19.1",
  s = "on",
  t = "dbzoo.livebox.williams:Thermostat"

I will investigate what is going wrong and file a defect against the Penlight library.

UPDATE:  I'm a doof.  My fault.


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