Basenode to Room node Range

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Can someone tell me what sort of distances I can have between the basenode and room node.


I have will have my basenode in the loft and would like to know if it will reach my lounge?

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Should do

i get a range of 30-40 metres through 2 outside wall's (double thickness/brick and breezeblock standard cavity wall insulation)


from loft down depends on age of house as to construction, the new style insulation boards (foam with silver foil each size) really do act as a good attenuator-i have this in new extension and even mobiles struggle to get a signal in there.


BUT i do have a proper 834MHz ant on the base node.



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Thanks Dean, Its a 1930's

Thanks Dean,


Its a 1930's built house and basically it will follow the chimney breast, with the base node and room nodes next to the chimney breast in each room respectively.

Additionally I would like to ask how many temperature sensor can be connect to a room node?

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