avrdude not found on HAH


unfortunately i am an absolutely nobody on linux systems,

please can anybody help me:


I try to flash my jeenodes from within the HAH, and all works fine, but at the point where to use the avrdude like:

avrdude -v -c arduino -p m328p -P /dev/ttyUSB0 -b 57600 -Uflash:w:HAHcentral_nocfg.cpp.hex

the system always says:

-ash: avrdude: not found

I really tried everything i could do to find the avrdude on the HAH, but i failed!

My Build: 316/3.4
# echo $PATH

Who can tell me what i am doing wrong, even an 'update force clear' didn't help!


I'm not sure how it happened

I'm not sure how it happened but avrdude got drop when I added xap-mail in release 314


As the power supply to my livebox blew up I'm unable to build and test before publishing to correct this.

I'm not comfortable publishing new firmware without being able to test first, this is rather a prickly situation.


Spare PSU

I'll pop a spare PSU in the post to Brett.


Derek I can pick on up from

Derek I can pick on up from Ebay cheap enough - it will take a little while at the end of the year thou.


Anything new on this issue? 

Anything new on this issue?  Trying to flash my shiney new HAH Roomnodes and just came accross this!

beta 316.3

I have posted a BETA release that includes avrdude.  As I have not tested this assume applying it will render your livebox a BRICK.  Seriously make sure you have everthing backed up before you flash this.

If adding this avrdude binary has increased the size of the FLASH image beyond the size of the chip on the livebox this is what is going to happen.   I know we are close to the maximum so this is a possibility you should consider and why I like to test before I release.   I'm still waiting on my new livebox power supply to arrive!

This beta also include the change that was implemented for the broadcast problem on a 172.16/12 network


HI Brett,I have a spare HAH,

HI Brett,

I have a spare HAH, so tried to update using /etc_ro_fs/update-dev hah-beta.dbzoo.com
 but found no change.  No avrdude, no increase in version.

Didn't current beta 316.2 already contained that fix?


Doh!  I uploaded an old

Doh!  I uploaded an old image.  Lets try again.

Cracked it, thanks Brett!

Cracked it, thanks Brett!

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