Authenticated saves using TextWrangler

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This one for Brett I suspect,

I'm quite happy using nano to edit files directly on the HAH (BBB version) but recently I tried using Textwrangler to edit a file. I can estabish a connection and see all the files but if I try to write, I get...

You have insufficient permissions to perform this operation on the server (application error code: 22803)

I can edit if I issue sudo from the terminal via ssh. It seems that textwrangler works with the OSX way of doing things but without giving me the option of sudo.

Is there any way around this Brett?



p.s. feel free to email me if you think it would be safer

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Mark,Constantly typing SUDO


Constantly typing SUDO everytime I want to run something as root is a Ubunutu concept taken to an extreme.   Personally the first thing I do is sudo su which gives me a root shell then I get on with it...

login as: brett
brett@power.local's password:
Welcome to Ubuntu 13.10 (GNU/Linux 3.8.13-bone37 armv7l)

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Last login: Wed Dec 30 20:16:27 2015 from
brett@beaglebone:~$ sudo su -
[sudo] password for brett:

Now I have a root shell I do what I want when I want without constantly having to worry about perm issues.


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Hi BrettThanks for the quick

Hi Brett

Thanks for the quick reply. Happy new year btw. I enable root access when logged in via terminal. My issue is trying to upload files using textwrangler (bbedit's little brother) I can connect and download but uploading is not possible. It's not a big issue though, nothing wrong with cut n paste



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