Anyone any experiance of these?

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Voltis Home offers substantial savings on domestic electricty bills and also helps you to be kinder to the environment.


  • Reduces energy usage and carbon footprint

  •  Increases the life of household appliances

  •  Easy to install by a qualified electrician

  •  Greater savings compared to other systems



Product code
Temperature range
-10 to 40°C
Up to 90%
300mm(w) x 240mm (h) x 147mm (d)
60Amps in Save
(100Amps in Bypass/Mains)
Suitable for incoming voltage of
230 – 253Volts

  NB. On the rare occasion that the typical incoming voltage to a building is below 230Volts, please contact us.


Incoming voltage check
Voltis Home is suitable for virtually all homes. We do however recommend electricians measure the incoming voltage prior to an installation. Should incoming voltage be below 230Volts, for further advise please contact our Technical hotline on +44 (0)1424 856688.

How is Voltis Home installed?

The unit is installed between the electricity meter and consumer unit. Installation is very straightforward, but must be carried out by a qualified electrician. Voltis Home will start saving money from the moment it is installed.


For more information on Voltis Home please visit

I think they would need to be installed in the order.


1.      Meter

2.      Junction box with solarPV

3.      This unit

4.      Consumer unit


Reason for my thinking is the solar pv generates a higher than grid voltage and if it was on the wrong side of this unit problems could occur.


What do you guy's think? And does anyone have any experience of them?

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I don't see how this would

I don't see how this would save you money as you are charged for kWhr not for the Voltage. Admittedly some appliances (inductive) will use less power if the voltage is reduced but anything that has a SMPS will use just the same amount of power.

Your electric oven and shower will use less but your TV, computers etc won't. Also I see from the specs that it will switch modes when current increases, so will probably switch out when you turn on the shower anyway.

You also have to ask, what is the efficiency (and hence running cost) of the unit? What is the initial cost (and therefore payback period)?

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Thanks Mark

That pretty much mirrors my findings.

Been offered one really cheap (brand new the guy has a spare £80) and am going to install it mainly as when my solar PV operates at really sunny and pushes out over 2.5Kw my mains voltage rises to 250V and the UPS starts kicking in.

so my main drive for fitting one is to give the PSU's a little break as i anticipate running at the higher end of the rating will shorten life.

I noticed as well it goes into bypass if the load exceeds 40A thats about 9KW i only ever hit this when running 4 ovens (i have 2 kitchens as we have a granny annexe). Typically i inly peak at 6 and thats when we have washing machine and tumble and dishwasher on (wife on a saturday)



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Well i went for a dearere higher rated unit.

I have a very accurate meter and set up some tests to "see" how much power stuff drew with unit on and in bypass mode.

results were intresting.

tv's typically 5% lower (2-7% depending on size)

computer's same no saving.

hoover 9% lower

pond pump 8% lower (this is a 100w pump that runs 24/7 was reading 102W now reading 94W)

freezer 3% lower, fridge 5% lower.

I did not test anything with a heating element as my thought are it would read lower just take longer to heat.

My immersun and UPS have since the unit has been fitted not reported high voltage. (which is good).

the unit itself is made up of a fixed ratio toroidal transformer, some electronics, what looks like some seriously rated surge protection and some really heavy duty relays (so unit can go into bypass mode)

with an input voltage of 240v it reduces it to 220 at 250V it reduces it to 232V. so about an 8% reduction

the intresting part is every 3-4 day's i used to have to reset my SKYHD box and my AV amp every 2-3 days, so far neither has needed any resetting.


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